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Slimline AdBlue

Hose TypeType Slimline 16 AdBlue
Order No.Type Slimline 16 AdBlue
Short DescriptionHose for AdBlue®Urea solution for truck and passenger car dispensers, black or blue

Quality dispensing hoses SLIMLINE 16 AdBlue for urea solution.
Correspond to EN 1360.

Dispensing hose DN 16 for the refilling of light and heavy vehicles with AdBlue® (AUS 32, DEF, ARLA 32) urea solution to ISO 22241.
The highly flexible hose is well suitable for MPD hose retraction systems and allows small bending radii and a good handling.
In combination with the appropriate stainless steel hose couplings (pages 203/205), the plasticiser-free and leaching-resistant lining guarantees constant purity of the dispensed urea solution.

CommentAlternative hose type for urea solution: Type EFL with fluoropolymer lining, DN 16 or 21; see catalogue page 113.
LiningNBR, black, seamlessly extruded, electrically dissipative, plasticiser-free, leaching-resistant
ReinforcementsLow tensile textile braid
CoverCR, black or blue, smooth, highly abrasion and ageing resistant
MarkingWith continuous, abrasion resistant embossed marking

SLIMLINE 16 AdBlue ∙ EN 1360:2013 ∙ Ω ∙ PN 16 ∙ ELAFLEX ∙ MADE IN GERMANY ∙ Batch – MM / JJ

Size: DN 16
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Last Update: 13.07.2018