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Hose TypeType STW
Order No.Type STW
Short DescriptionMarine Hose (with helix)
DescriptionType STW is a marine suction and discharge hose for tanker vessels, also suitable for gravity discharge because the helix helps to keep the diameter round. As light bunker hose for all petroleum based products with an aromatic content up to 50 %, on bunkering ships, tankers and other ships. Ideal also as flexible duct for floating bridges to compensate for level differences.
Meets German military standard VG 95 955 and EN 1765, type S.
LiningNBR black, antistatic, no fuel-solubility
ReinforcementsTextile braids (STW 200 Nylon Cord) and galvanised steel helix
CoverChloroprene (CR), black, electrically dissipative
MarkingYellow band; type TW every 2,5 mtr., type STW every 5 mtr. (4 mtr. for navy type). Vulcanized embossed stamps with type, size, EN 1765 type S, manufacturer and production date.
TW 50 – 100 with continuous embossing (see catalogue page 105).
Size: DN 50 to DN 200
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Last Update: 13.07.2018