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Hose TypeType FWS PTFE
Order No.Type FWS PTFE
Short DescriptionComposite hose FWS Lining: PTFE
DescriptionMulti-layer thermoplastic hoses (composite hoses) to EN 13765, for suction and pressure operation. Delivery as hose assembly.
PN 14 bar, temperature range -30° C up to +100° C (depending on medium).
ApplicationFlexible, easy to bend universal loading / unloading hose for the transfer of a large number of industrial chemicals, fuels, oils and other media.
May be used in Ex-Zones for flammable liquids. For transfer operations in the chemical industry and the loading / unloading of road tankers, rail tank cars and ships.
Inner helixStainless steel AISI 316 L
LiningPTFE, white (optionally: ECTFE, on request)
Intermed. LayerPolypropylene fabrics
CoverPVC coated Polyester fabric, red, resistant against abrasion and weathering
Outer helixStainless steel AISI 316 L
MarkingMarking on coupling ferrule: ELAFLEX · DN · Serial Number · MM.YY
Hose Marking:

ELAFLEX · EN 13765:2010 · TYPE 3 · DN75 · PN14 · -30° C UP TO 100° C · PTFE · (Q1/18)

Size: DN 25 to DN 250
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Last Update: 13.07.2018