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Part Number

UTS 38

Hose TypeType UTS
Order No.Type UTS
Short DescriptionUniversal Tank Hose (with steel helix)

Blue-white-blue universal tank hoses for almost all liquid and pasty chemical and petroleum based products and solvents.
Temperature range - 30° up to + 100° C depending on medium. Steaming out for cleaning and sterilisation permissable up to 130° C up to max. 30 minutes (open ends).
Meets EN 12115 and German safety standard TRbF 131.

Conductive white tube for clean media + safety

ApplicationSuction and discharge hose for IBC's and barrels, rail tankers, tankers and fixed installations. The strong steel helix ensures that the hose maintains its shape during suction and gravity operations.
LiningUltra high molecular polyethylene UPE, white, with conductive OHM spiral stripe, smooth bore, abrasion resistant, no discoloration, conductive (Ω /T)
ReinforcementsThermoplast braids Type UTS additionally with galvanised steel helix
CoverEPDM (EPT), black, conductive, zone resistant, UV resistant, flame resistant
MarkingBlue-white-blue bands every 0,5 mtr. Continuous embossing:

UTS 50 · EN 12115 UPE · SD · Ω/T · UNIVERSAL · TRbF 131 · PN 16 BAR 1Q-13

Size: DN 19 to DN 150
Product Sheet
Size (ID)ID 38 mm (1½")
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Last Update: 11.05.2018